Deep Instinct

Advanced End Point Solution with Deep Learning Technology

Prevention Starts with Deep Instinct

The cyber threat landscape is deep, varied, and constantlyevolving with new malicious tactics, delivery methods, and known as well as unknown malware. Most security platforms emphasize detection and remediation, focusing on assessing and responding once a breach has occurred and damage has been done. But this is a flawed and outdated approach to cyber defense.

With more than 350,000 new malware variants discovered each day and ransomware attacks – and their payouts – at an all-time high, it’s time to rethink threat detection and response. At Deep Instinct, we predict security
risks others can’t see and we prevent threats that others can’t stop.

The Deep Instinct Prevention Platform is grounded in the world’s first and only purpose-built deep learning cybersecurity framework. Powered by a deep neural network brain that mimics the logic and learning of the human brain, the Deep Instinct Prevention Platform anticipates and prevents attacks with unmatched speed andaccuracy. We stop attacks before they happen, identifying malicious files in <20ms and preventing attacks pre-execution.

Our prevention–first approach provides a proactive security posture that protects your organization’s hybridnetwork while maintaining the lowest false positives in the industry. Regardless of your current security posture,you need Deep Instinct too.

We’re so confident in our approach that we promise to stop 100% of ransomware and back it up with an industry-leading $3M warranty backed by Munich Re. We take our commitment to our customers a step further by also
offering a false-positive guarantee of <0.1%.

We prevent malware. Guaranteed.

The Deep Instinct Advantage

Deep Instinct is the most sophisticated solution for threat prevention on the market today. Our end-to-end prevention ensuresthat threats never reach the endpoint to execute. Our deep learning deterministic and predictive algorithms detect suspicious and malicious threats with unmatched precision and efficacy.

The Deep Instinct advantage extends beyond just total threat protection.

Many cybersecurity vendors are deploying machine learning (ML)-based solutions that either protect too much—flooding yourteam with false positives—or lack the power and precision to predict and prevent unknown, zero-day threats. Our vast neuralnetwork has been trained for years on hundreds of millions of files to prevent threats autonomously, allowing your highly-skilled,highly-specialized security operators to spend less time responding to and managing false positives, and more time focusing on thesecurity threats that matter. Our technology makes your team smarter, faster, and more agile.

Deep Learning is Superior to Machine Learning

Machine Learning algorithms are subject to human fallibility and suffer from low detection rates and high false positives, while alsosuffering from accuracy issues 50%–70% of the time. According to researchers, ML algorithms may help you some of the time, butthey are dependent on human training to stay up to date. If the training data is paired to the wrong set of features, the resultingmodel can be highly unreliable1. ML-based security tools are also being increasingly targeted by bad actors to bypass controls andexfiltrate data undetected or alter the inferences and poison the data.

Deep Instinct’s multi-layered approach begins with our Deep Neural Network that provides 99% accuracy with less than <0.1% offalse positives. Deep learning self-learns as it ingests data, providing improved performance over time – detecting and preventingmore hard-to-detect threats with a high degree of accuracy. Not dependent on manual engineering, deep learning does not requirefrequent updating to maintain prevention efficacy.

Why Speed Matters: The Chronology of a Ransomware Attack

Deep Instinct detects and prevents malware pre-execution in <20 milliseconds, 10 times faster than real time. Prevention is possiblewith the right partner. Our customers recognize that preventing breaches saves time,money, and reputation.

The Deep Instinct Prevention Platform

Deep Instinct both prevents threats at the endpoint and extends prevention without requiring an agent to ensure file integrityof your cloud storage and custom applications, while protecting your network by eliminating threats at your web gateway. DeepInstinct for Endpoint: Prevention-first approach to stop more threats, faster.

Augmenting Your Existing Security Investments

Deep Instinct enhances the security tools you might already own, like EDR, toimprove their effectiveness, drasticallyreduce false positives, and limit theburden on your SOC team – allowing youto get more from your existing security.For example, we help optimize EDR withactionable intelligence, cover offlineassets with higher efficacy, and removecloud dependency vulnerabilities. Ourdeep classification lets SOC teams knowexactly what they are dealing with.
Some of our customers decide that DeepInstinct can replace some of their moretraditional AV solutions or complementthem to provide even higher levels ofprotection.

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