Mission Data Management

Managing your Electronic Warfare and Intelligence Mission Data

Mission Data Management

Managing your Electronic Warfare and Intelligence Mission Data

What is Electronic Warfare Data Management?

Electronic Warfare Data Management describes the capability to:

  • Manage and edit source material
  • Maintain an analysed electronic warfare reference data set, known as the ‘golden view’
  • Answer queries and create mission-specific EW data products
  • Create a position of information advantage through understanding the kill chain.

MASS is at the frontline of providing organisations with fully integrated toolsets for the management, processing and storage of large volumes of complex intelligence mission data.

Why is EW Data Management important?

Electronic warfare data and intelligence are critical to the operational effectiveness of modern military platforms and weapon systems, and are central to enhancing your Electronic Warfare Operational Support (EWOS) capability.

However, intelligence and electronic warfare systems are growing in diversity and sophistication, with new sensor technologies continually generating large, complex data sets. It is essential that the right intelligence is made available to provide accurate situational awareness.

Managing EW data through THURBON

Managing electronic warfare data and organising collected intelligence into a single repository supports the operational decision-maker, and is crucial for effective platform and weapon system operations. 

Developed by EW users for EW users, THURBON® provides essential operational support and enhanced situational awareness, supporting a common approach across different environments.

Through THURBON you have the capability to manage, process and store complex platform, sensor and weapon system data in a single hub, supporting your intercept analysis, EOB production and mission preparation.

In use round the world, THURBON delivers coherent and consistent intelligence from the most sophisticated military platforms and sensor networks, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing support costs. It is simple to integrate, use and configure.

Benefits of using THURBON

Increasing Operational Effectiveness

The ability to store, fuse, manage and conduct effective analysis of EW data and intelligence has a direct and critical operational impact. Without such information, many of today’s platforms cannot operate or are rendered ineffective.

Increasing Productivity

Through the use of automation, THURBON reduces operator workload and error-prone processes, as well as reducing mission data turnaround time through end-to-end data automation.

Stretch Potential

The data repository in THURBON is user-configuarable, which means it is designed from the outset to be future-proof providing effective operational support to 4th and 5th generation platforms and beyond.

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