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Digital Forensics Solutions

The world’s fastest forensic imaging tool
The go-to solution for rapid data acquisition.
Used in the field and in labs, Ballistic Imager canforensically secure 1 TB in less than 8 minutes, offering speeds that are 4x faster than the average.
• Blisteringly fast data capture from computers, laptops and servers
• Patented technology that bypasses hardware limitations by extracting data through multiplecollectors, simultaneously
• Collect data from devices without removing
• Present captured data as an EO1 or DD image for further analysis through Detego Analyse
• Highly portable – fits in removable storage
devices, making it ideal for frontline agents
• Intuitive design and ease of use, enabling even non-technical users to be fully operational with a 30 minute training

Quick digital forensic analysis, anywhere
A highly portable field-based solution that’s perfect for investigating data on PCs, laptops, servers and loose media. Field Triage swiftly identifies and alerts users of data related to investigations without running time consuming data extraction and analytical processes.
• Get instant visual alerts of suspicious items
through the patented red-amber-green visual alert system to enable snap decision-making
• Easily customise and deploy across a range of investigations covering fraud, human trafficking, terrorism, indecent images of children, financial crime, insider threats and more
• Scan a target device and acquire all usernames and passwords used in less than 30 seconds
• Empower non-technical users with an easy-to-use interface

Rapid, automated data acquisition
A smart tool that automates digital data capture from removable media, computers or hard drives (HDDs & SSDs).
Media Acquisition comes with a simple intuitive interface, allowing users to quickly analyse multiple devices in minutes.
• Concurrently secure and analyse data from
multiple removable devices
• Acquire data from hard drives removed from
damaged systems
• Get live views of logical data as it is streamed
into the platform and receive automated alerts on suspicious items through Detego’s patentedred-amber-green visual alerts
• Access powerful carving tools to recover deleted data

Seamless data acquisition from mobiles, smart devices and apps

Detego MD combines Hancom’s leading data extraction and decryption capability with Detego Analyse’s robust analytics, automation and reporting to provide access to 1,000s of devices and apps.
•Gather forensically sound data from tens of
thousands of phone models and more than
2,000 apps
•Extract data from IoT devices, smart TVs, Sat Navs, drones and more
•The gold standard for unlocking and accessing data from Android devices
•iOS support including backup file decryption and keychain extraction
•Carry out physical and logical extractions on
Android, iOS, Windows OS, Tizen OS and other mobile OS

Fast data extraction over the network

Remote Acquisition taps into our patented, rapid imaging technology to enable fast imaging over networked environments.
Forensically secure system information, RAM data, usernames and passwords, internet artefacts and physical images from endpoints. Enjoy the added flexibility of resuming extractions from previous cut-off points in the event of network failures/drops.
•Gather data through network agents that can be deployed in covert or normal modes
•Install network agents manually or remotely via Windows Remote Management
•Trigger targeted data extractions or simply
create a complete physical image
•Forensically secure system profiles, RAM data, usernames, passwords and information on online activity

Produce digital intelligence at speed

Integrate all forensic acquisitions through thiscentral platform and leverage powerful AI andautomation features to promptly provide in-depthanalysis, intelligence and court-ready reports.
•Comprehensive analytical workflows and AI-
powered object detection to identify people,weapons, drugs, nudity, indecent images andmore
•Optical Character Recognition (OCR), enabling
the extraction of text from images and videoevidence plus offline language translation toconvert indexed text from over 230 languagesto English
•Photo DNA Matcher to swiftly identify images
with photo DNA and hash matches relevant toinvestigations
•Easily decrypt passwords from over 300 file

Advanced link analysis
Detego Fusion enables investigators to leverage advanced link-building capabilities to expose connections between people, places, devices and cases.
•Use advanced AI-driven link analysis infrastructure to
connect the dots and expose hidden links across digital exhibits
•Access file properties, internet artefacts, communication
history (email addresses, call events, contacts, messages, credentials), device information, financial information, and keywords to rapidly identify and link suspects
•Instantly view links that exist between cases by using the
visual preview functionality


All three packages come with Detego Covert (a solution that discreetly acquires passwords, system information, files, internet artefacts, deleted data and a complete forensic copy of target devices) and Detego Boot(which allows users to forensically secure data from computers and laptops that are powered down).
Customers can also buy the above modules as standalone solutions.


Centralised Management of Evidence, Incidents, Investigations and Organisation-Wide Risks

Detego Case Manager is a one-stop platform that enables the effective end-to-end management of investigations, incidents, risks, evidence and compliance.
Our fully customisable technology enables teams to collaborate easily, follow procedures, minimise errors, improve productivity and securely store data that’s related to investigations. Case Manager was built in collaboration with some of the most experienced compliance and investigation professionals in the world, and it can be fully customised to meet the unique needs of any organisation.
With all incidents, cases and evidence in one place, you can streamline your investigations and allow users to access data anywhere, from any connected device, while maintaining complete compliance.

Case Manager equips your teams with:

•An intuitive interface and fully customisable workflows to
enable users to manage incidents, investigations, cases and exhibits with minimal technical knowledge
•A single platform to centrally manage all physical and
digital exhibits and data, with location tracking for better peace of mind
•An action hub for investigators to prioritise and centrally
manage tasks – enabling managers and investigators to create, assign and  track task progress
•A visual workflow creator to simplify the development of
custom workflows and manage dependencies
•A central workflow and form management capabilities to
enable the quick implementation of system-wide changes

•A reduced paper trail thanks to an intuitive form creator
that helps create ISO 9001 compliant forms for better data collection
Complete tracking of all user actions – enabling fully
auditable case management
•Valuable insights such as the financial and reputational
impact of cases, the number of open, closed or pending cases and the time spent on each investigation to enable better-informed decision-making
•Data to drive better-informed decisions with valuable
information such as the financial and reputational impact of cases, the number of open, closed or pending cases and the time spent on each investigation
•Easily accessible reports that can be refined via
timeframes to enable the quick analysis of daily, monthly or yearly performance

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